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Your privacy

We don't store any data you input into MoodSpace.

We physically can't. We have nowhere to store it. We don't even own a server. So even if someone asked to see your data, we wouldn't have anything to show them.

Data backup

If your phone happens to drop in the sea, don't fear! MoodSpace app data is automatically backed up to your Google Drive - which you have control of. Here, it's safely encrypted, and protected by your Google account credentials.

If you don't trust Google, you can delete your backup and disable backup from your device settings (just type 'backup' into the settings search box).

Anonymous information we collect

To make the app work well at all we collect the following anonymous data:

Crash reports

If you've never seen the app crashing, it's because as soon as one happens, we get a crash report. A little red light flashes in our office, a loud siren blares, and we release a fix right away. It's quite annoying actually.


We assume you're going to use the app a certain way. We're almost always wrong, and you often surprise us. Analytics lets us see how people like you actually use the app, so we can make improvements to the right places. Analytics can use the Google Advertising ID to identify you. This doesn't tell us anything about you (it's just some numbers and letters), but if you really want to trick us you can reset your Google Advertising ID at any time. Go to your device Settings > Google > Ads.


Research shows that surveys are 100% more effective when you collect the responses.

Your email address

If you send us feedback, we'll have your email we can reply to you. We might also send you MoodSpace updates via email - if you've signed up for that in the app. You don't have to. Up to you really.

Any questions?

Send us an email any time here.